Was I just accidentally “Liked”?

So I’m on one of the Muslim matrimonial sites, one of the really popular ones although I wont say its name. The choices are slim except a snobby few, which after only about 3 weeks of me being on the site has me crossing of the days until my subscription will be over.

Anyway, I received a “like” from a suitor yesterday who I was pleasantly surprised wasn’t creepy looking, or crazy, or really old. He was dare I say it actually not bad looking at all and was of a mixed heritage of European and Latino. He even had a great job and so did his parents, I know exciting isn’t it!?

Well, when I got home from work and settled in, I wrote him a simple message just asking if he could tell me more about him self, his family, and how he likes to stay active in Islam, you know further his knowledge of it. Well, that was the last I heard of him, thats right you didn’t miss a sentence, he never wrote back.

And although I came to that conclusion within only  24hrs, people who have found their spouses and significant others always say that don’t worry if they are really interested they will contact you right away and continue to.

So yeah, either I scared him off or he accidentally hit “like” while rummaging through my ad. Honestly I have done that myself before. It was actually quite funny, my finger plopped right down on the like button as I tried to scroll through ads on my cell phone, big tip for those who are new to the game also, be very careful with scrolling using a cell phone.

But the thing is, is love accidental?

People who are now happily married or are in solid relationships have told me that they would have never have picked their significant others. Not because they hated them or anything, but because they weren’t really their type or what they were looking for. Instead they just sorta took a chance.

So I can’t help but wonder, what if “the One” is really just an accidental “like” away?

I only am looking for someone I find nice looking, with a good job, educated, and above 5’9. Is that asking too much? Should I bend on one of these? If only finding your other half, the one you are to live with until the day you die, was easier!

The only hope at the moment is that while watching Julie & Julia,  (Meryl Streep need I say more!) I am reminded that Julia Childs wasn’t married until nearly 40 and yes she had never been with anyone prior. I must say, as depicted in the film, she and her husband were very much in love throughout their marriage. He was indeed way shorter and bald, but gave her true love.

Maybe I need to be extra open-minded?

So perhaps I am just going through a long bout of patience……one that can be sweetened with a pint of Telenti Gelatto 🙂

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The Accidental “Like”?
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