So this week I went through the loss of a friend at work via a firing, a temporary promotion due to it, and an engagement to a Lord, yes as in the ones from jolly old England.

A warm hug and an I’ll see you soon was all I got as a precursor to my revelation that my dear sweet friend and colleague was terminated. She handled it like a pro, a real class act as I told her hours after the shocking event when I had to call her to make sure she was fine.

“Fine?” she said in a tone that suggested I was losing my marbles for even asking. “I’m happy!”, she exclaimed over the phone.

I couldn’t help but laugh out of sheer relief that she was in a good place emotionally. She admitted she had been under so much stress and the termination was not only expected but much needed in a way. She could now be a better mommy to her young son and relax for a bit. As we chatted on I really saw what a blessing in disguise it had been and was soberly reminded once again that life doesn’t always go as we plan but it is for the best regardless, because God is the best of planners. Sometimes we don’t see it right away, but here it was pretty evident.

Most people feel crushed by their firing or bitter towards their employers afterwards, I am not going to lie it often times is rightfully so. But when you have a different mindset of seeing the hidden blessings in devastating or to say the least disappointing situations, you will see that those emotions stooped in anger  will quickly dissipate to give way to an excitement for what unknown experience is to come.

Even the colleague who was a co-administrator in the the event, turned to me and said “she handled that really well”, with a look of astonishment right before informing me that this was her “last day”. Then she moved on to letting me know that I will have another role added to my repertoire in what could be mistaken for a temporary promotion?

To add to my unusual week one of my other friends delve into a completely different end of the life’s moments pool by being suddenly proposed to! It was an utter shock.

It was indeed a fabulous and happy one that, well, I thought only happened in the movies. You see she met a Lord from England while she was in Times Square for some clients ( Yes, I said a Lord) and fell in love.

So, it just so happened that she needed to scoot into a restaurant to make a call or something for her clients and he was in there. A convo was struck and he has spent everyday with her for the past few weeks, delaying his flight numerous times and canceling his meetings back home. He has met her mom who is English and her closest friends who all are shocked that they really like him and feel he is actually “the one”. And then he popped the question to her this week in a cab as he told her he had never been more sure about anything in his life. I know! Out of a movie right? It sounds totally like a fantasy! I had to even tell her this was like a true happy ending, straight from Hollywood. I love it!

It’s funny because at work we would always joke about how we both need to get married and how we always manage to meet the wrong people. She is 40 and has been previously married, not a good marriage either, one that was tumultuous at times. Now that her mum is getting on in years she really would like to make her a grandmother. So of course upon hearing this  I was elated.

I met him briefly and he seems very nice. For someone with such a huge title he was very down to earth and warm. I didn’t even realize he was such nobility until about a few days later when she told me.

This whole experience that she is going through, has really made me begin to think, maybe fairy tails can come true? Perhaps there is a man that I will meet in this life who will meet my criteria and pick me. No, drama. No hesitation. He will choose me to be his wife.

As weird as it sounds saying that aloud, that would feel fantastic, utterly incandescent to not be the “maybe”, the “sometimes”, or the “because I can’t find anyone else” girl. Perhaps more men need to be like this Lord, and take life by the horns and declare what they want and who they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Without a stutter or without the least hint of hesitation, simply say “marry me”.

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Good Lord! And a Whole Lot of Thinking
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