Today I have officially enjoyed drinking an Iced Chai latte every morning for about 3 weeks thanks to Tazo. I mean this concentrate is surprisingly pretty good and has been doing the trick when I seem to wakeup hankering for exotic spices bursting with fragrant cardamom, a taste that I am absolutely smitten with.Tazo Chai

I love a chai latte, and yes Starbucks is my ultimate favorite, I could probably down several in one day if you let me. No, this is not an exact duplicate of their treasured chai, even though they do sell it as such. It just comes really close to theirs if you use a good amount of concentrate–way more than the suggested equal parts to milk ratio.

Apparently the syrup that the baristas use for customers doesn’t have the shelf life to sustain an average buyers consumption time, so our over the counter Tazo, is slightly altered.

Regardless, this stuff is awesome on a hot day accentuated only by ice and the occasional whip cream.

If Youtuber Amanda Ensing hadn’t mentioned this stuff in her Morning Routine video, I probably would have never have tried it and found a new drink to love!

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Friday Find: A Great Cup of Chai
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