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I have been gone for far too long! The time has just flown by and so much has happened since my last blog. For one, I have a new job! Which I am very happy to have as it is in my field and it is actually a career position. Very blessed and honestly the realization of what I have just attained hasn’t even sunk in yet.

I also have so many new plans for Covered in the City that I can’t wait to execute this year! I am aiming for new types of content, consistency, and bringing everything to another level.

As far as my search for the right husband, it continues! And I have so many new stories to tell you that I’m sure you would love to hear all about. I will set a schedule with myself and let you guys know my upload days for blog posts soon.

I am challenging myself this year to seek self-improvement. And one area of myself that I really want to work on is expanding my reading. Yes, I do read but I feel that I don’t read as much as I could. I recently have gotten in the habit of reading here and there instead of making it a part of my daily routine. So, after I was inspired by a recent article written by a woman who set out to read as many books as possible within a year, I have decided to keep a reading list. I want to see just how many books I can read from cover to cover both fiction and non-fiction, within one year.

The woman who inspired me reached over a 100 in what I believe was her 2nd year, but in her first year she managed to hit 49. I have no clue how many I can finish in a month let alone a year but I am excited to see. I think 49 is actually really great and I will be ecstatic if I reach or exceed that amount.

For this challenge I will be keeping a spreadsheet of the book, genre, amount of pages, author, and probably a note. I do want to pick a variety of styles of writing and lengths of books. Reading is supposed to foster a number of benefits from heightened empathy to a more robust vocabulary and honestly I can’t wait to reap them all.

My first book is Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. The title alone of this novel absolutely enthralled me as its mere implication of mystique lured me into reading its reviews. They were all positive and the comments only solidified my desire to experience whatever secrets and lies the characters hold. And boy do they! The plot centers around the sudden death of a teenage girl who is apart of an interracial family in 1970s Ohio. Her body is found by a lake and no one seems to know what happened to her exactly. The book jumps around from each character’s perspective as they try to put the pieces together to figure out how she died amidst the realization that they never really knew the details of her perceived low-key life. The backdrop deals with race relations during this time which adds another interesting element to the story. I can’t wait to see how everything plays out! I will also do a full review when I am done.

Ok so for now that will be all but I will fill you guys in on my search and what other areas of self-improvement I will be adding to my list of goals for 2016. I’m not going to lie, I am super excited about this reading list lol Right now I am most excited about maintaining the list and working on Covered in the City. Alright I will talk to you all soon insha’Allah!


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New Year, New Goals, and More Reading
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